Quartz Co. winter jackets made by sewing machine in Montreal factory and made in Canada

Made in Canada. Designed for the northern life.

Since 1997, Quartz Co. has been recognized for the quality of its premium outerwear. Perfectly designed for cold weather, the jackets are lightweight yet offer exceptional warmth and have proven their value in extreme conditions around the globe. 2015 marked the rebirth of the brand. Identifying a need for a new generation of modern outerwear, we fused timeless design, performance, Canadian expertise and sustainable practices, truly embracing the northern lifestyle.

A new generation with a global vision.

Today, we are designing with style, function and passion in mind as we aim for excellence in quality and spirit. As a meticulous Canadian fashion company, Quartz Co. brings a global perspective inspired by the people of today. We are a team of engineers and creatives who strive to make products for a generation of consumers who have a choice, who are informed and who value expertise and transparency. We can show the world all our employees who are a part of the foundation of this company. With products that are built to last, we are shaping the future of premium made-in-Canada manufacturing. Quartz Co. products are available in more than 300 stores in over 20 countries, including France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Norway, USA and Switzerland.

Quartz Co. winter jackets in light grey and light beige and made in Canada

Fusing design and performance to serve a purpose.

We offer a worthy contemporary lifestyle through well-designed, high-quality garments. From fleece-lined pockets and adjustable hoods to two-way zipper closures and breathable, water-repellent coating, every element of our jackets aims to fulfill a specific need and function. We continue to develop high-performing products that help consumers stay warm in cold climates.

Wear Canadian proud.

We have expanded our production from one factory (in Saint-Hyacinthe) to three (one in Victoriaville and another in Montreal) in Quebec, allowing us to continue to offer high-quality products that are made entirely in Canada. With our new factories, we can increase production as well as productivity and ensure that everything meets our standards and that our workplace is safe for all employees. Working closely with our factories, we can continue to grow and develop sustainable practices.

Transparency and progressivity.

We design with the planet in mind and are committed to becoming a more sustainable business.
We incorporate eco-friendly practices in all aspects of our company—from the products we sell to our daily operations.

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